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Benign positional vertigo is an episode of vertigo that develops after a change in head position. Phobic postural dizziness. This is the fear of a new attack of dizziness, similar to an obsessive state. As a result, psychosomatic dizziness occurs in certain situations. To avoid dizziness, patients try to avoid events that are accompanied by stress and unpleasant emotions.

Vestibular neuronitis: how to cope with the pathology. Vestibular neuronitis is an abnormal condition of infectious origin. The development of the disease can provoke tonsillitis, inflammation of the respiratory organs, sinusitis.

This term is understood as a selective lesion of the vestibular nerve. It has an inflammatory origin and is accompanied by severe dizziness. In this case, the person's balance is disturbed and hearing is completely preserved. Most often, inflammation of the vestibular nerve leads to the disease. Similar problems are the result of such conditions:

In any case, the signs of this violation should be the basis for a visit to a specialist. Properly selected therapy will help you forget about this disease forever. It has been proven that viruses play a key role in the appearance of the disease. Symptoms of the disorder appear 1-2 weeks after an acute respiratory viral infection. In addition, vestibular neuronitis is accompanied by an epidemic surge in incidence in late spring.

The main symptom of the disease is an attack of dizziness. It usually appears suddenly. Subsequently, the clinical picture is supplemented by such signs: During an attack, a person notices that the severity of these manifestations increases when trying to change position or tilt his head. In addition, people complain of horizontal nystagmus. In some cases, the disease is accompanied by psychosomatic symptoms. In such a situation, it seems to a person that all objects rotate.

These symptoms have been present for a long time. So, dizziness can last for several hours, and nystagmus lasts for several days. After the completion of the attack for another two weeks, the person has impaired coordination of movements. To make a diagnosis, the doctor conducts the following studies:

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Analysis of the clinical picture - the presence of acute and prolonged vestibular vertigo, which is accompanied by instability, matters. Caloric test - vestibular areflexia or hyporeflexia is observed on the affected side. The presence of evoked vestibular potentials is observed with damage to the lower branch of the nerve. In this case, the caloric test is negative. Magnetic resonance imaging with gadolinium - can show indirect symptoms of the disease.

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To cope with the pathology, it is very important to start treatment as early as possible. To do this, you need to visit a doctor at the first symptoms.

Medicines are prescribed to eliminate dizziness and disturbances in the functioning of the vestibular apparatus. Most often, doctors prescribe vestibulosuppressors. These include metoclopramide, dimenhydrinate. Equally important is the use of tranquilizers, which are benzodiazepines. This category includes diazepam, nozepam. Since vestibular neuronitis is accompanied by vomiting, drugs must be administered intramuscularly or in the form of suppositories.

The duration of drug use depends on the severity of the symptoms. Usually, drug treatment lasts 3 days, since the drugs lead to inhibition of vestibular compensation.

During this period of time, the patient needs to stand and move around. For training, walking with closed eyes is used. In this case, the patient needs to provide support from the outside. On days 5-7, in the absence of nystagmus, you can enter exercises aimed at restoring balance. At 2-3 weeks, complex exercises are shown that exceed the usual loads on the vestibular apparatus.

The first movements should be turns and sitting in bed. When the nystagmus disappears, you can fix your gaze underdifferent angles and perform eye movements.

Gymnastics with vestibular neuronitis. Many try to get rid of vestibular neuronitis with the help of traditional medicine recipes. However, such techniques do not give results and can only aggravate the course of the pathology. Pathology reviews have a fairly favorable prognosis. It practically does not provoke negative consequences. After stopping the symptoms of the disease, it can be considered cured.

Even if the work of the vestibular nerve is not fully restored, people do not experience much discomfort due to compensatory processes.
The causative agents of the disease include several different bacteria of the genus Vibrio.

The most studied agent is V. anguillarum (Fig. 25). Vibrios of this species are found in water, silt, intestinal tract and on the surface of the body of marine hydrobionts. These are small, slightly curved rods with one polar flagellum, gram-negative, oxidase-positive. They are halophilic bacteria, facultative anaerobes, possess proteolytic and hemolytic enzymes, and are sensitive to the pteridine agent (0/129). Their normal growth requires a sufficient content of NaCl and low concentrations of Mg++, Ca++, Na+ cations. The optimal concentration of sodium chloride is 1.5-3.3%. Vibrios die in fresh water.

The occurrence of the disease is facilitated by high water temperature (above 15 °C), pH over 8.0, low oxygen content, water pollution with organic substances (MIC over 2 mg/l) and nitrogen compounds (nitrogen content over 1 mg/l), handling.